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Replacement of your home’s siding may not be at the very top of home improvement t-do list, but perhaps it ought to be. Regardless of which type of siding is currently on your home, it will require consistent maintenance and ultimately will need replacement. Aging siding that shows cracks is a problem to calls for solutions before it starts to affect other components of a house. There are a number of clear signs that can help homeowners determine when it’s time for New Siding Aurora, IL:

-If you’ve had to apply new paint to home’s exterior more and more in recent years it’s a sign that something is not right with the siding. Top quality siding will typically hold its best shape and color for at least nine or ten years. Cracks, chips and pealing are all signs of the need for replacement with New Siding Aurora, IL.

-The fungus that causes dry rot usually starts beneath the surface of siding, gradually causing it to deteriorate. It’s possible for siding to still look fairly good on the exterior even when most of the material is rotting. Sections of siding that have decay call for immediate replacement with New Siding Aurora, IL before dry rot spreads and results in more problems.

It’s a good idea to do routine visual assessments of your home’s siding to look for warping. Using a screwdriver or similar tool, pole underneath siding that looks warped to check if the layers beneath are solid. If it feels soft or you can spot signs of rot, consider replacement with New Siding Aurora, IL.

A Spike in Cooling and Heating Costs
There can be a number of reasons for an abrupt increase in utility bills. Siding that is no longer doing its job of keeping your home sufficiently insulated could be the cause.

Cracked or Loosened Siding – New Siding Aurora, IL

One or two loosened boards after a big thunderstorm is usually no reason to be concerned – it’s usually possible for you to have the boards replaced. If you decide to do so, it’s essential confirm that no layers beneath the boards are cracked. Should bigger sections display signs of loosening and cracking though, there may be a more pressing problem that will need to be addressed be an experienced contractor.

Whatever the extent of damage may be following a major storm, cracked, broken and loose pieces should be removed from your house and promptly replaced with New Siding Aurora, IL. This will prevent water from getting in back of the faulty pieces.

Peeling Paint and Loose Wallpaper
While not always apparent right away, failing wallpaper and paint are sure signs that your home’s siding is not in top condition. With faulty siding, water can get beneath the outer layers where it leads to problems.

Holes in Siding
Even the tiniest holes can be concerning. Holes in siding are frequently the result of insects – and insects that get through your home’s siding can lead to more problems in addition to the extra moisture that will seep in too.

Mold, Mildew and Fungus
Any type of growth upon your home’s siding – specifically close to the seams – can be a sign that moisture is getting through and accumulating in the walls. The result of this pooling water is mold, mildew or fungus. While growth itself isn’t automatically cause for alarm, it does call for further investigation and possible New Siding Aurora, IL.

Bubbles forming underneath your home’s siding is another sign that moisture is getting trapped right behind the siding materials. When in good condition, siding should keep water away from your home’s internal walls.

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