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There are multiple benefits to affordable installation of a New Roof Yorkville, IL by the experts at Joseph-James Enterprises. It’s not unusual for homeowners to be hesitant about putting a new roof on their home – but much like any type of wise investment, there are positive returns to this essential home improvement project. Here we present a look at some of the main benefits that our customers can look forward to with a New Roof Yorkvillle:

A Return on Your Investment

Combined industry estimates place the return on investment for a high quality roof system at about 70 percent. This figure simply means that a homeowner will see approximately 70 percent of every dollar spent on a new roof come back upon sale of the home. Since a New Roof Yorkville, IL has an estimated service lifespan of about 20 years, it is a worthy investment from the beginning. Spending intelligently one time for quality materials and professional installation means no unforeseen costs later.

Save Energy, Keep Comfortable with a New Roof Yorkville, IL
Along with the positive return on investment when it comes to a New Roof Yorkville, IL there are other factors to consider as well. An expertly-installed roof from a recognized manufacturer can help homeowners see a significant reduction in energy bills and enhance interior comfort. One of the most essential functions of a New Roof Yorkville, IL is to maintain interior temperatures within a comfortable range. An older roof that is in declining condition is less likely to keep warm air inside during the winter months and cooled air inside in the summer. This can result in higher energy costs.

New Roof Yorkville, IL  – Safer and More Secure

Beyond the return on investment and savings on energy that comes from a New Roof Yorkville, IL, there are safety issues to consider with respect to roofing. An outdated roof near the end of its usable lifespan can pose some potential safety risks such as storm water damage and the development of mold and mildew that can result. Plus, an aged roof is much more vulnerable to incur substantial damages from high winds, heavy snow or a severe thunderstorm.

Enhanced Curb Appeal
A structurally updated New Roof Yorkville, IL system utilizing the finest available materials is a wise investment in a home. An attractive and well-built roof adds to the curb appeal of your house, which is critical if you are planning to put it on the market.

How High Winds Can Cause Damage To Your Roof
Powerful winds generally cause damage to roofs by either the debris it picks up and throws at your roof or simply by the force of the wind itself. When a strong wind comes against any weakened areas of a roof it is fast to exploit them by getting beneath the shingles and lifting them up out of proper position or even tearing them off completely. Roof edges and corners sometimes tend to be especially prone to this because they take on the brunt of the wind’s force.

Sometimes wind damage can be fairly moderate if only small branches and leaves land on your roof, but bigger, heavier objects such as whole tree limbs – or even an entire tree if the storm is severe enough – can result in extensive problems that call for New Roof Yorkville, IL installation in many cases.

After a Wind Storm – What To Look For

New Roof Yorkville, IL  – Following a storm with high speed winds, the first step is to simply walk around the perimeter of your house to do an exterior evaluation:

-Look at your roof shingles. Are there some that are missing, curled, loose or broken? If so, you’ll want to replace any shingles that are gone and take a close look at shingles that are damaged.
-Look for signs of damage to the other elements of your roof’s such as the ridge cap, vents, skylights (if applicable) soffit, fascia and chimneys. Each element serves its own important role in keeping your roof at its best, which is why you’ll want to verify they are all is in acceptable condition after your house has been exposed to powerful winds.
-Check for fallen tree branches and other kinds of debris, watching for branches that are already resting upon the roof in addition to branches on nearby trees that may be broken are still barely attached. You’ll want to clear off anything that is already in contact with the roof and plus anything else that might be problematic later on. A guideline with respect to trees is they ought to be trimmed back approximately six feet from your home’s roof.
-Loosened fasteners or roof flashings. If these elements of your roof are not sealed, they may permit water to get in.
-Damaged sealant strips. This can be difficult to detect because shingles will frequently settle into place following a storm even if their sealing strips are not intact. If a sealing strip has sustained some damage it won’t serve as a good protective barrier and will eventually permit leakage.

When it comes to exterior assessments, be sure to always keep safety in mind. Wait until after winds have subsided before you walk around your house. In the weeks following a powerful wind storm, keep an eye out for indications of water damage such as stains upon walls and ceilings and signs that your roof structure or insulation has been compromised.

Call to schedule an inspection if your home has been impacted by wind damage, we’ll recommend if repairs or installation is your best option.

In addition to roof repairs and New Roof Yorkville, IL installation services we also repair and install gutters for homes too. Below is a brief overview of how gutters function and why they’re so critical to your home.

How gutters work
Your home’s roof protects your household from rain by directing the rain into your gutters. Gutters are basically horizontal aluminum components that are typically installed on the eave edges of a roof or along the dormers. Gutters are open on top to catch the rain as it flows off the roof. Then, the gutters direct the water into the downspouts. Downspouts are the closed, vertical parts of a gutter system that move water off the roof toward ground level. Your home’s drainage system directs the water away from the foundation. In summary, a functional gutter system prevents:
-Rainwater damage from occurring on your home’s roof, preventing rot, mold or deterioration to the shingles, soffit and fascia.
-Moisture from collecting in windows, damage to window sills and interior walls
-Water collecting too close to the foundation, which can result in erosion or flooding in the basement.

Taking Care of Your Gutters

As a recommended guideline, homeowners should inspect and clean their gutters once per year at a minimum. Depending upon how many trees are near your house, you might need to clean out your gutters more frequently. It’s a relatively simple task that requires only a ladder, sturdy work gloves to scoop up the leaves out of the gutters and a bucket to put them in. Also check for leaks while you’re cleaning out your gutters. Leaks are most prone to happen at the seams and joints particularly if the gutters are older.

If the gutters on your home are leaking, sagging or noticeably damaged it’s probably time to consider gutter replacement. Our New Roof Yorkville, IL team can assess the current condition of your gutters and recommend your best options.