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Siding Oswego

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Siding Oswego, IL provides a common visual theme to the exterior of a home while also providing protection against the elements. Before you select your next siding or repair your home’s existing siding, it’s helpful to review what purposes it actually serves.

Home siding, whether it is vinyl or a different type of material, has two main functions. The first one is to give reliable protection for your house against constant exposure to natural elements like snow, sun, rain, hail and ice. There are other materials that give some protection to your home, but it is siding that serves as the all-important first layer.

The second function of Siding Oswego, IL is simply design. Your home requires an aesthetically pleasing exterior that is a good fit with its surroundings.

Water penetration is among the most common malfunctions of home siding. If your home – or your commercial building – has siding that is in poor condition it may start to allow water to enter the structure. This often results in problems such as mold growth or issues with the foundation.

Because building materials will sometimes expand or contract as temperatures change, exterior siding will often overlap to cover up the joints. If the joints aren’t covered or fully sealed over, this too can allow water or snow to enter the house.

Besides the critical protection it provides against moisture, siding also protects against the wind. Particularly during the winter season, quality insulation is essential to limit your home heating bills. When unnecessary blasts of cold wind get into your home, it makes your furnace work harder to maintain comfortable interior temperatures and, as a result, increases heating costs.

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