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Siding for House Near Me Naperville IL

Siding for House Near Me Naperville IL

Does the siding on your home require repainting every few years? Most homes typically require a new coat of paint around every six to eight years. So if you find the need to repaint your home more frequently, the problem might be with your siding rather than the paint. When paint starts to chip away and peel, it’s a strong indicator that the time has come to install new siding. A few more signs you’ll want to call the Siding for House Near Me Naperville IL team at Joseph-James include:

Mold. While some maintenance can help prolong the lifespan of siding, once mold starts to appear on siding it’s generally the safest move to replace it.
-If you’re seeing an uptick in your household energy consumption, your siding may be at contributing factor. An abrupt increase in heating bills is one of the early signs that siding is no longer providing effective insulation.

-Bubbling and blistering. These are visual defects that are not repairable, so you might need a comprehensive replacement.
-Cracks and dents from hailstone damage. Serious thunderstorms and strong winds might cause your siding to loosen. Our technicians may be able to fix or replace specific sections.
-Insects. Even the smallest gaps can lead to infestations and decay. Repairs are often a possibility, but if your siding is too compromised a complete replacement usually makes more sense economically.

If you spot any of these typical warning signs, it’s time to call the Siding for House Near Me Naperville IL experts at Joseph-James Enterprises. Don’t allow your siding to deteriorate. Our experienced team is available to provide you with a no-obligation inspection and comprehensive, free estimate. We offer quality vinyl siding that is durable, lighter, impact resistant and easier to clean than other materials on the market. The siding is practically maintenance-free – and you’ll be thrilled with how good it looks on your home!