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It’s obvious but always true: your home’s roof protects you 24/7 from the elements outside while also serving as a big part of your home’s visual appeal too. The general aesthetic and condition of your home is largely based upon on the status of its roof. If it is aged out of its service lifespan or simply leaking, it is probably due for replacement or some repairs. There are a number of styles and varieties of roofs for homeowners to choose from that enhance your eventual return on investment.

A failing roof can cause lasting and costly damage to a home that could be prevented such as mold development or water stains on ceilings or walls. If you are planning to replace or fix your Roofing Plano, IL, one of the first issues to consider is its shape. This is mostly dependent upon the style and dimensions of your house. Here is a listing of roof shape terms to help give you a general idea:

-Flat. Flat roofs are typically less costly but can be more challenging to maintain.
-Gable. A triangular roof featuring sloped sides.
-Barn or Gambrel. A sloped roof that appears more curved than triangular.
-Octagonal. A roof with eight sides that frames the rounder areas of a home.
-Combination. A roof that has two different shapes to match the shape of the house.

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Your roof is a critical part of your house and the ongoing comfort of your household relies on it. Consistent maintenance and timely repairs will help to prevent leaks and damages – and any unpleasant surprises in bad weather. Schedule a free estimate today if you suspect your Roofing Plano, IL may have leaks or is due for replacement!