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Age of Your Roof
This a starting point for determining when your roof is near the end of its lifespan. Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL typically say that residential roofs last about 20 years. However, that depends on its quality and composition. Also, the installation of your roof, particularly when done by dependable contractors, can also contribute to its longevity. A roof installed on top of an existing layer of asphalt shingles, for example, will usually need replacement sooner than that 20-year mark.

While you might be able to extend the lifespan of your roof with occasional repairs, it probably won’t last for long. Delaying replacement of a faulty roof or related components like a gutter system, greatly raises the risk of moisture intrusion plus other concerns that can cause lasting damage. That’s why you want to begin planning for a new roof before yours shows major issues.

Curled, Buckling Shingles
The shingles on your roof should lie flat. If they curl at the edges, or look like they are buckling, it means your roof has signs of advanced wear. Another way you can check on your roof’s current state is to look in the gutters for any shingle granules. These tend to pile up in gutters when a roof is aging.

Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL

Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL

Rusty Roof Valleys
A roof valley is the V-shaped metallic channel in the folds of your roof. They help rain and snow flow from the roof to the gutters. If the valleys are clogged or deteriorating with rust, it increases the risk of a roof leak.

Missing Roof Shingles
If there are areas on your roof that are missing shingles, at minimum you’ll need to get repairs right away. This might be another red flag that your roof’s protective qualities are declining and will the services of Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL.

Gaps in the Flashing
The flashing by the vents, chimney and skylights on your roof is there to protect these openings from leaks. It’s important to confirm there are no breaks or cracks in the flashing, particularly if it’s made of tar or cement, which can erode over time. Metal flashing generally lasts longer.

Light Coming Through
If you’re thinking about contacting Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL for a new roof, take a quick trip up to your attic. Examine the roof deck and check for daylight streaming in through the boards. If it is, that means water has an easy entry point to your home.

A roof that’s holding in moisture is usually a prime candidate for replacement. You can identify moisture in your roof by:

-Examining the insulation in your attic. If it feels damp, there’s probably a roof leak.
-Areas of mold, fungus and moss growth.
-Look for any sagging or rotting.

Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL


Some amount of damage doesn’t automatically mean you need to get an entirely new roof. But if you observe one or more of the signs we list here, call Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL professional to schedule a roof inspection. The roof over your home keeps your family and your belongings safe and secure against the rain, snow, wind and other elements of nature. That’s probably more than enough of a reason to get a new roof once you’re contending with leaks. Yet there are other scenarios where you might want to take a look at the present condition of your roof. For example, a new roof may be warranted if:

-You’re renovating. Your roof might appear mismatched if you’re going to put an addition on your home. A new roof will look consistent with the new theme of your home if it’s going to have significant changes. -You’ve got storm damage. Powerful winds, tornadoes or thunderstorms can cause major damage to even the most durable roof. If there’s been a weather event in your local area recently, get professional Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL to inspect for damage.