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Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL

There are specific things you can watch for that indicate the roof on your home or commercial building needs repair or perhaps replacement. -Age. Is the installation date of your home’s roof a distant memory? If it’s been more than about 20 years or so, it may be an appropriate time to call Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL for a thorough inspection of your roof. Most roofs typically achieve their expiration date after 20 years, at which time obvious symptoms of aging become apparent such as curling, cracked shingles. If there are large areas of missing or broken shingles you should plan to replace your roof. -Roof sags. Just as a roof leak is cause for concern, a sagging roof is a sure sign that its ready for replacement. Usually a result of structural damage, it might be the result of faulty bracing or insufficient spacing. A sagging roof, because it can potentially result in a collapse, calls for immediate attention from a roofing company. -Missing and broken shingles. A new roof might not be necessary when there are just a few damaged or missing shingles. But if you observe your roof has a large area that’s missing shingles completely, it could warrant replacement. Flashing is deteriorating. Flashing is a fairly thin type of roofing material that is applied to your roof to redirect water away from critical areas like chimneys, roof valleys and walls. A critical part of your roof, it’s essential to ensure there are not any sections of exposed or loose flashing. Other red flags it’s time to call Roofing Companies Near Me Aurora IL include water staining or leaks on the flashing because that can indicate wood rot or even structural damages. That extra moisture you may be noticing could be due to damaged flashing, too.