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New Roof West Chicago

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At Joseph-James Enterprises, our home improvement specialists are well aware that the roof on your home is among its most essential components. We’re also aware that choosing and investing in a new roof is a significant decision. When the installation of your New Roof West Chicago, IL is finished, however, we are confident you’ll be very satisfied! Here are a few of the benefits that our customers frequently experience:

Save Energy, Lower Bills
When a residential roof gets beyond its service lifespan, the shingles will often begin to curl up, break apart or even fall away. This can permit the air inside the house to escape, which is wasteful because that air is cooled or heated by the HVAC system. With a New Roof West Chicago, IL, your house will be insulated well and the air inside will remain there. The benefit is that you will not need to continually adjust your air conditioner or furnace just to maintain your preferred comfort settings. That means spending less on utilities.

Enhance Marketplace Value
A New Roof West Chicago, IL is among the most effective ways to increase the resale value of your home. If you ever choose to put it on the market, you’ll likely be able to list it at a higher price and draw more interest from prospective buyers with the help of a feature like a new roof.

Safer, Better Curb Appeal
A roof due for repair or replacement can be the cause of problems such as rain water damage, which can in turn lead to mold and mildew growth. An old roof is also more vulnerable to damage from storms and problems with the gutters, interior walls and insulation. Installation of a New Roof West Chicago, IL will serve to keep your home safe, dry and better able to withstand the elements of nature.

Plus, a New Roof West Chicago, IL is like giving your entire home a makeover. If the roof appears aged, outdated or just unappealing in general, a new roof improves the whole appearance of a home.

Keep your household healthy and happy with a New Roof West Chicago, IL. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your house is structurally strong and that you are protected against the elements. If you are interested in repairs or a New Roof West Chicago, IL installation don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll perform a free roof inspection and offer an expert recommendation on what we think would be the best solution for you.

Are Your Gutters In Good Shape?

Water damage is probably the last thing any homeowner wants to deal with – but it is something that can take place easily if your home’s gutters aren’t working properly. Your gutters, after all, are a critical feature that keeps your roof, foundation and siding dry. But if they are not in good shape or due for replacement you might have water drainage problems. Here are a few common signs that your gutters may need service:

-After the next time we have rain in Chicagoland, go outdoors after it has stopped and look at the underside of your home’s gutters. If they are still wet even when it is not raining it is a likely sign that you probably have a leak somewhere. Whether it is a crack or a hole, leaking gutters indicate that water is going where it ideally shouldn’t.

-If the sides on your house show peeling paint or rotting sections of wood (such as a window sill or a door jamb), your gutters have probably been in disrepair for some time. When water moves across a specific section of a home for a lengthy period it will cause damages and the need for repairs.

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-Assess your home’s basement on a consistent schedule for warning signs of mold and mildew growth on the walls. If you do spot growth, it’s probable that your gutter system is not directing rain water far enough from the foundation. This can be a concern because your home’s foundation must remain dry to preserve its integrity. If your gutters are repaired but this problem persists you might require a new gutter system.

-High quality gutters are designed to stay near to your home’s roof in order to drain water efficiently. If you see that your gutters are sagging in parts or are falling away from the roof they will not be able to do their job as well as they ought to. Typically, sagging gutters are a fairly quick repair for our gutter specialists.

-If the gutters on your home are quite old they might be at or even past their effective lifespan. Assess your gutters on a routine basis for warning signs of stains and rust. If you detect these signs it’s likely that the gutters aren’t functioning very well and your home is not getting maximum protection against water damage.

-Following a rainstorm, set up a ladder and take a close look at the inside of your gutters. If you see any areas of stagnant water it is a sign that the gutters are not angled correctly. Gutters should be at a slight angled so that rain water moves through them to the downspouts. If they are not they’re prone to areas of standing water.

If you are noticing any of these common problems, don’t delay in contacting our gutter repair specialists. We’ll restore your home’s gutters back to good condition promptly.

Refresh Your Home with New Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a very popular siding selection among homeowners and at Joseph-James Enterprises it’s available in a variety of attractive colors that can provide your home the appearance you want while also keeping your budget in control. Our vinyl siding is affordable, low maintenance and made to last.

Here are a few issues to keep in mind when selecting the color of your home’s vinyl siding:

Your Home’s Style
Before you pick the color of your siding take a moment to consider the style of your house. Some home styles appear better in specific colors. For instance, craftsman-style homes look good in colors such as olive, brown or dark red. Tuscan homes are a good fit for colors such as maple or burnt orange. Victorian and French-style homes, on the other hand, can be a good fit with practically any siding color.

Where will the siding be?
Take a close look at your house and identify where the siding is placed. By considering the location of the siding it will help you choose the appropriate siding color. For example, if your siding is primarily an accent feature, pick a color that serves to complement the stonework or the other siding materials. If vinyl siding is covering the whole home, select a color that adds character.

Select light and darks accordingly
Larger homes typically look more appealing in lighter siding colors, while smaller homes look good in darker colors. Lighter colors can also be utilized to understate some features while darker colors can help emphasize them.

Talk with the siding, gutter and New Roof West Chicago, IL specialists at Joseph-James Enterprises today and get started on a whole new look for your home!