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The Purpose of Roof Ridge Vents – New Roof Sugar Grove, IL

If you have an older house then there may be a decent chance that it does not have any form of roof ventilation. This may not create a problem because older model houses typically are not as “air-tight” as more recent models – meaning they will have enough air circulation even without vents. An issue will occur, however, when an older home is upgraded with more energy efficiency features such as
higher quality window insulation and weather-stripping. An energy efficient house must have sufficient roof ventilation for optimal performance and interior comfort.

Without roof ridge vents, you risk condensation starting to form on your windows, specifically in the winter season. Water can seep into your roof as well, which will then freeze and form an ice dam as temperatures drop.

Consistent temperature for a home.
When a new house is built or a New Roof Sugar Grove, IL is installed, a ridge vent serves to balance the movement of warm and cool air. The air in the attic and upper level of a house will be warmer in the summer naturally because warm air rises. When there are vents correctly positioned in the roof, the warm air is able to exit the home which serves to balance the temperatures indoors.

Then in the nighttime or in the winter months, the vent’s design permits the pressure of the cooler outside air to keep the warm air inside from exiting. This process enables homeowners to save costs on their utility bills every month.

New Roof Sugar Grove, IL – A roof ridge vent’s design complements the appearance of your house

The pitch of your roof is typically not affected by this design element. If your house has sufficient intake it is possible to install roof ridge vents along each ridge upon the roof to provide an optimal amount of ventilation.

Roof ridge vents can keep out unwanted visitors
Pests like rodents, squirrels and raccoons will try to get into your house if they discover a convenient access point. If you are using an older-style of roof venting for air movement then you will probably want to install rodent traps that will prevent those uninvited pests from making themselves at home in your attic. The design, size and placement of roof ridge ventilation makes it tough for rodents to enter your home. You will still receive the needed ventilation without creating an increased risk of sustaining damages.

After a Storm: Working with Your Insurer – New Roof Sugar Grove, IL

In the unfortunate event that the roof on your house incurs damages due to severe weather conditions or some other incident, it is important that you submit an insurance claim soon afterwards. Note that dealing with a home insurance provider can sometimes be complex. By practicing the following recommended steps though, you can bolster your New Roof Sugar Grove, IL claim and help the chances of receiving adequate compensation.

A Few Suggestions for Filing Insurance Claims
Read Your Policy Thoroughly
Before you submit a claim, be sure that you read over your homeowner’s insurance policy so that you are aware of precisely what it will cover. Will your insurer provide coverage for the total cost of repairs or installation of a New Roof Sugar Grove, IL? Is the age of the roof something that they take into account? By verifying these important details from the beginning, you will know just what to anticipate once you have filed the claim.

Schedule an Inspection by the New Roof Sugar Grove, IL Experts at Joseph-James Enterprises

Call us for an inspection of your roof if you suspect it has sustained storm damages. Our experienced staff will examine your home’s roof and provide a detailed estimate for repairs or installation of a New Roof Sugar Grove, IL. Our helpful estimate will be quite useful for the filing of a detailed claim with your insurance provider.

Take Plenty of Photos
Some home insurance carriers do not offer coverage for damages that are the result of standard wear and tear. Therefore, you’ll need to show that your roof was, indeed, damaged by a weather event or other incident. Be sure to take lots of photos that shows all the storm damage as soon as you are able. Make some copies of your roof inspection and provide it to the insurance provider. All of these critical details will strengthen your claim’s chances for approval.

Consider Other Damages
It’s important to remember that roof damages can also extend to other components of your home’s exterior too. Be certain to assess your gutters for signs of damage because they can become detached from your roof or sustain cracks from a severe storm. Once this has happened it can have a negative impact on drainage, causing rain water to collect around your home’s foundation. These related matters can be a part of your claim.

Storm Damage? Consult the New Roof Sugar Grove, IL Experts

If your roof has sustained damage from a weather event, be sure to get the right team on your side. Joseph-James Enterprises has been providing homeowners in Illinois with high quality home improvements that last since our company was founded back in 1972! Whether you need a New Roof Sugar Grove, IL, new siding, gutter repair or more we have the expertise to get it done right the first time.

Home Care Tips – Why It’s Important To Maintain Your Gutters

Seasonal external maintenance is critical for keeping the inside of a home safe and dry. But unfortunately, some homeowners may forget the significance of routine gutter cleaning. Here’s a short look at what can occur if gutters are not cleaned consistently and why maintenance is so essential:

Gutters can get filled up over time with leaves, dirt and broken branches. Once this happens the gutters are not able to properly direct rain water. Water may even start to pool beneath the roof shingles as well. This can cause the shingles to curl up, which will allow even more water to get in and cause more problems like rot or mold growth.

Gutters that are full of debris can become heavy too and may even start to pull away from their correct position. This creates an unappealing look as well as draining difficulties. If downspouts are bent from storm damage they can permit water to collect along the foundation of your house and potentially cause damage in the basement.

How Frequently Should Your Gutters Be Cleaned?
To be sure that water and melted snow drains away from your house effectively, it’s useful to clean your gutters twice per year at least. If there are trees close to your house, more frequent gutter cleaning is recommended.

If the gutters on your house are in declining condition or you may need a New Roof Sugar Grove, IL, count on the experienced staff at Joseph-James Enterprises for the professional home improvements you have planned for this season. Licensed, bonded and insured, our company handles everything from new gutter and roof installation to vinyl siding, soffit and fascia for homeowners and commercial properties. Call for a free quote today!